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Wisdombox podcast is on it’s way with an aim to create inspiring contents by bringing in people from all walks of life to share knowledge and experiences that enhance our collective wisdom, covering wide ranging talks and interviews.

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Digital payments and cashless society

We, the social beings of the modern society have a tendency of taking things for granted. Like most things, we have taken technological advancements in the society for granted. Without spending enough time on understanding the long term consequences of these advancements or the…

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Trust – a social fabric

Preface – Smart contracts and decentralization One of the fundamental ideologies of a blockchain ecosystem is “trust”, rather “trustless”(ness). With smart contracts, a block of code would have the ability to run automatically setting the terms of a “contract” as per protocol, and would…

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Get paid for paying attention

How many times have you been irritated by spam emails and random ad campaign in your inbox when you open your email? Almost often, right? Or think of a time when you are consumed in a piece of content on a website and you…

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The Reactive Future

Human nature has been reactive since the beginning of time. If there is there is a need to travel farther and without necessarily indulging into too much inconvenience, we invent machines (read steam engine, cars, trains and the likes). When there isn’t enough land…

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Wisdom in a box

Welcome to the future. Think. Apply. Transform. Wisdombox a.k.a wsdmbox is a platform to voice opinion, encourage thinking by creating meaningful contents, asking questions and sharing experiences to raise our collective wisdom that would create awareness, have a long term positive impact on the…

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