Online dating – flame of lust or love

If you were born before the 90’s, chances are that you met your partner in high school, a coffee shop, through a friend or on a trip. But gone are those days when you had to gain enough courage to present yourself in front of your crush, when you had to meet them in a park, or in the theater. People now a days meet with their potential life partners online, from literally anywhere in the world.

Online dating is a social culture, especially for the new age millennials. I personally haven’t used dating platforms. But I sat down with two of my friends who did. We recorded our conversation in the form of a podcast (embedded below) where we discuss aspects like:

  1. Do these dating platforms open the world to you to choose your special one?
  2. Does online dating make it any easier for introverts or shy people?
  3. About people’s vulnerabilities to cons, frauds and heartbreaks.
  4. Ability for people to talk about their depression and mental health while maintaining enough anonymity, without the fear of being judged?
  5. Can online dating help you find your lifetime partner?

Hope you enjoyed the episode.

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