Digital payments and cashless society

We, the social beings of the modern society have a tendency of taking things for granted. Like most things, we have taken technological advancements in the society for granted. Without spending enough time on understanding the long term consequences of these advancements or the philosophies underpinning the evolution.

Fernando Montoro, a friend, philosopher and guide, takes us on a journey from barter to bitcoin. However, this particular podcast episode centres around digital payment systems. We discuss the societal impact of digital payment systems. Some countries are well set to go completely cashless within a decade. What impact would that leave on the society? Would that be fair to every strata of society? We also discuss in lights of the current conditions if some economies are well placed than others to go cashless.

What do you do if you find yourself in a foreign land with a pocket full of cash but no one accepting anything but digital payments? With such interesting stories from our personal experiences, this episode was full of wisdom, knowledge and fun facts. Hope you enjoy it.

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